by shmaccutane

So i’ve been absent forever now, and I apologize (to those who even read this!)

I actually just left the derma and i’m now starting my 3rd month on Claravis 80 mg/day! I still think 80 mg/day is such a high dose (for my type of acne)

lets cut to the chase

My first two months have been hard, i’m not going to lie. But i’m just trusting that this will all pay off in the end!


-Really bad back pain (especially after work)

-Pretty bad chapped lips but nothing too crazy

-Semi-bad joint pain at times. I have bad knees/hips/joints in general, so it’s hard to tell whats from Accutane and what’s not. Just keep an eye out on things like this.


Aveeno body wash (I use the Equate knock-off)- trust me, it has done wonders, I wash with it in the shower and my skin feels like a baby’s butt. My body is not dry at all after using this. Also, follow-up with Equate: Recovery lotion (Aveeno knock off)

Aquaphor. Aquaphor. Aquaphor. Tellin’ ya, it does wonders. I’ve tried 2343 other things and this is by far the best. (coat your lips in this before bed EVERY NIGHT and trust me, the following day will be waaaay better!

So, My first week  I had no changes, second week I had probably the worst IB (initial breakout) ever. My face had never looked so bad (You’ll see in the following pics), and then after that it looked really good, then it got bad again, and now it’s just increasingly getting worse :/ Like I said i’m starting my third month as we speak, and the doc said this month it should start clearing up. Fingers crossed.

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Here are some pictures of the journey from about my 2nd-3rd week up until now! Sorry if some of these pictures are gross, I’m aware of this, but i’m sure many of you understand! 🙂

It’s just getting increasingly worse, and it sucks really bad………….but, two more months left and lets all just hope, pray, and cross our fingers that this ish clears up

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Until next time xoxoxoxoxo