Before the Journey

by shmaccutane

Hi all! (or nobody, or the few who actually read this)

So, a little quick insider: Alicia, 19 years young, sophomore in college, studying fashion merchandising, ready to get the farthest away from the south as soon as possible.

TO THE POINT: I’ve struggled with mild acne since probably 5th or 6th grade, but really being bad starting around 7th grade. I’ve been to the derma too many times to even count, and they ALWAYS gave me stupid topical gels/solutions that N E V E R E V E N P H A S E D my acne, except for just drying out and hurting. About a year or so ago he finally prescribed me some pill, and it didn’t do anything at all.

So, here we are, FINALLY. Claravis (Isotretinoin; Accutane knock-off) 80 mg/day!

Getting started:

With your first appointment with your derma, they’ll put you on birth control (if you aren’t already on the pill/alternative; and of course, unless you are a male) + another form of b.c, (condom/altern.) Immediately following, you’ll have to get blood taken + they’ll give you your little (well, actually big) iPledge booklet, where you fill out tons of bull crap and see a pregnant belly with a big red circle/slash through it MAYBE FIFTEEN HUNDRED FRICKIN’ TIMES.


Then, you’ll be scheduled for another appointment a month from then, and (fingers crossed) you’ll be able to finally start your treatment. (well, for me, they screwed up and forgot to put me in the iPledge system and I had to wait an extra month…….talk about pissed!)

So, here is my picture the very first day I started Claravis. Excuse the haggardness, y’all.Image